Handmade side table


  1. Wooden Box

  2. Fireglass (Quantity will depend on the size of your box; I used one 10 lb bag for mine, which was just perfect.)

  3. Resin (I always have this resin on hand; this project took about one quart mixed resin for my sized box.)

  4. Table legs (You can choose whichever type you like; but these are cheap enough for my budget and still sturdy enough to support this heavy table top!)

  5. Heat gun

  6. Toothpicks

  7. Spray paint

  8. Sander

  9. Screws

  10. Screwdriver

  11. Painter's Tape


  1. Get a box that is the size of the table you want. I asked my son to make me a plain box from extra wood he had laying around. This one is about 16x16.

  2. Paint it your desired finished color. I like white and used this spray paint for the crisp finish.

  3. Use a light layer of resin to paint the inside of the box. I used my gloved fingers and just spread a light layer of resin all over the inside of the box. This helps to ensure that the later resin will not leak out of the box. You’ll need to let this cure for a day or so depending on the resin you use. I have a favorite resin that is good to go with a one day wait time for a project like this.

  4. Once the resin layer is dry, fill the box with the fireglass. I used blue because I love the way it looks against the white, but there are many options. This box took a 10 lb bag of fireglass to fill. If your box is larger than mine, you should plan for more fireglass. I would highly recommend washing your fireglass first to remove all glass particles that might be clinging onto the larger pieces.

  5. Now you're ready for the resin! Follow the directions of your resin. I use Dr. Crafty, which requires a 1:1 ratio for mixing. Please be sure to mix thoroughly and for the recommended time. Also when choosing a resin, make sure you choose one that will hold for a project this deep. Dr. Crafty is great, and I cannot recommend it enough. Once it's mixed together, pour it over your fireglass.

  6. Once the box is filled with resin, use your heatgun to bring any air bubbles to the top of the box and then use a toothpick to pop them.

  7. Let your project cure. I left mine for a few days actually because I got distracted by other projects. Be sure to follow the directions of your resin for cure time. (You can see how mine looked in the bottom left picture.)

  8. Once cured, you may need to sand off any spillover resin that made its way onto the sides of the box. (You can see that mine did this in the bottom left picture below.) If this happens, be sure to cover your resin area with painters tape. Then you can proceed to sand off any excess resin.

  9. If that does happen, you may need to put another coat of paint on your box. I use Rust-Oleum as shown below. I also used this to spray paint the table legs that I ordered from Amazon, as they were black originally.

10. Once everything is spray painted the way you want it, you're ready to attach the table legs to the table top. I drilled some quick starter holes and then used my electric screwdriver to sink the screws quickly.

The final step is to remove your painter's tape and look at your finished product! I love the way the fireglass looks in the resin!

Finished Fire Glass Table

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