How to sublimate a make up bag

Sublimation is AWESOME!!! Seriously, try it, and you will be hooked! The above is a make-up bag that I made for one of my BFFs. She sent me the wording and the Braille to put on a t-shirt for her, and I went ahead and made it into a make-up bag as well. (While it says "be kind" on top, the Braille reads, "go away." My friend is a funny one!)

Here are the basics to tackling this make-up bag.

Materials Needed:

  1. Sublimation blank make-up bag

  2. Sublimation printer

  3. Sublimation paper

  4. Sublimation ink

  5. Heat press

  6. Heat tape

  7. Butcher block paper


  1. Design what you want to go onto your make up bag. I like to use Canva for my designs. It's a free platform and it's easy to design almost anything according to the size you want. I created a custom design using a 9inch by 5inch setting. I think copied the Braille from an online translator and pasted. Once it was there, I was able to adjust its size to fit with my other designs.

  2. Once you have your design finished, you are almost ready to print! Since this is a design that will be pressed into the make-up bag, you have to print it in mirror format. You can adjust your design in Canva to mirror what you've designed, or you can download it and use a different software. Since I don't like to waste any of my sublimation paper and don't want to use only half the paper on this one print, I downloaded it and then imported it into an Inkscape file. (Inkscape is a free download that is great for graphic design!) I added another file I wanted to print so it filled the paper, and then I mirror printed the entire page.

  3. Once printed, I cut the design to fit on the make up bag. I adjusted it to exactly where I wanted it to go. To make sure that it wouldn't move when I put it in the press, I used heat tape to secure the design in place.

  4. I then put my design and make up bag in my heat press. I use a piece of butcher block paper under it (so no extra ink gets into my regular base) and also another on top of it, so it is essentially sandwiched between two pieces of paper.

  5. Then, I pressed it at 375 F for approximately 1 minute. I've done less time on other similar items, and I just don't think the colors are as bright as I want them, so I tend to go a bit longer. You can always adjust this based on your materials and press.

  6. Then I took it out of the press and slowly pealed away the paper. Voila! The finished product!

When I first started with sublimation, I was a bit overwhelmed, but practice makes perfect. Also, you can always hop over to our Free Downloads page, where you can download some of our designs for free! Many can be used for either vinyl projects or sublimation.

That said, if it still seems like too much for your taste, and you would rather buy one already made, head over to our store to order from us. Use Promocode SUB2021 for 10% off your order!

Good luck with sublimating!

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