Resin for beginners

Shannon first introduced me to resin one night when we were crafting at her house. As soon as she showed me how it worked, I became obsessed and immediately ordered my own resin and some resin molds.

Resin is a liquid when mixed with a hardener it cures together in any mold shape that you choose. I get my resin on amazon and I also order the molds there too. This is my go-to resin! It's really important to get the right kind, as some produce way too many air bubbles.

You have to mix equal parts resin and hardener. If they are not equal the resin will not harden correctly and will be a sticky mess (speaking from experience). There are two ways to measure out the resin: take two plastic cups and pour the same amount of each, resin and hardener, then add one to the other and slowly mix 3-5 minutes so that both are very well mixed. The other way I like to measure resin is by using a kitchen scale. Put plastic cup on scale and zero it out. Then pour resin in and then into the same cup pour the same amount of hardener. Then stir for 3-5 minutes to mix both very well.

It is time to color your resin you have mixed. You can add alcohol paints, glitter, mica powder or paint! (Be careful of paint, because if there is too much, it messes with the chemistry of the resin and won't harden completely.)

Slowly pour resin into your molds. If there are bubbles on the surface the best way to pop them are with a heat gun or hair dryer. Gently use the heat gun or hairdryer on the top to pop the bubbles. Be careful not to get too close or the resin will blow out of the sides of the molds.

Now the hardest part! Wait for it to dry!! It takes about 24 hours to completely dry. Don't touch or move your resin while it is drying.

Take it out of the molds. Your resin should be hardened! If the edges are sharp or the resin overflowed the mold, then you can sand them down with sandpaper or a dremel.

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