Sea Glass Shadow Box

Who doesn't love sea glass? I'm super lucky to live close to the beach and can collect it easily. I love to create new pieces with these finds! Today, I'm going to show you how to make a shadow box with the sea glass.

Materials Needed:

Sea glass

Shadow Box


Printer with colored ink

Strong glue



  1. Find some sea glass that you can shape into fish. Given the theme to be unique in this box, I like to have my central fish be a different color.

  2. Print your saying on high-quality cardstock. I made up this saying ("Swim to the pop of your own bubbles") but you could certainly change to whatever saying you prefer. I used this cardstock and printed with blue ink (to match my unique fish). If you use regular printer paper, it will likely not be strong enough to hold up your glass once you mount the shadow box, so don't skimp on the paper!

  3. Cut down your cardstock to fit into the shadow box. I used an 8x8 shadow box here, so I cut down my cardstock, which was 8x11 to fit into the shadow box.

  4. Lay out your sea glass on the page to create fish. I like to have most of my fish the same color and facing the same direction. Then I use one as a centerpiece who is a different color, and I have that fish swimming in the opposite direction.

  5. Glue your fish to the paper. I use highly adhesive glue to make sure the sea glass doesn't fall off. Be careful, as once you place the glass, it is very hard to move.

  6. Give your fish eyes. I use a sharpie to draw on an eye for each fish. You could certainly draw more and give them more character if you have such artistic talent (I do not!).

  7. Fit your paper into the shadow box. I like to double check mine before I lock all the sides into place, but if you've already cut the cardstock to the right measurements, this should be an easy step.

That's it! You now have your very own shadow box with sea glass inside! Of course, being the unique individuals you all are, you can customize this in any way you would like!

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